Cluvis Apps is easy to use

Cluvis Apps is the easiest way for a business to create a mobile application. With simple, step by step tools and a dedicated customer support team, we make the process of solidifying your mobile presence simple.

Cluvis Apps is affordable

The goal of Cluvis Apps is to provide a simple, affordable solution for businesses to create a mobile application. Starting at just $59 a month for a complete mobile package, our prices can't be beat

Cluvis Apps can help increase your revenue

With an app from Cluvis Apps, customers can engage with your business like never before. Dynamic features such as mobile ordering, appointment setting, rewards programs and push notifications can help boost sales for your business.

Cluvis Apps can help you market your business

Using our push notifications feature, you can send direct messages to your customer base to make your next promotional campaign a success. We will also provide QR codes for your website and print materials to direct customers to your mobile app.

Cluvis Apps can increase customer loyalty

Using our mobile loyalty programs, businesses can reward their best customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Cluvis Apps can help create a viral buzz

With robust social media functionality throughout our apps, we can help your business gain a viral buzz and grow quickly.

Cluvis Apps can help you analyze your business

Cluvis Apps' robust analytics and data tracking can help your business gain valuable insights into customer tendencies from their app usage.

Cluvis Apps is your ticket to the mobile future

As mobile activity continues to surpass desktop usage, Cluvis Apps gives you the tools to position your business for long term success.

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