Create & Launch Your Mobile App with Ease

App Building That's Simple & Intuitive

The Cluvis Apps platform was designed with the entrepreneur in mind. No need to hire a team of programmers to develop your application...we've already done the heavy lifting! Creating a beautiful mobile application is just a few steps away.

Gather Your Content

Quickly gather your assets and import them into the app builder. We have a plethora of tools designed to help you integrate existing web content, images, rss feeds and more into your app.

Build Without Programming

Our drag-and-drop platform allows you to quickly create, edit and manage the functionality and design of your application. Build an impressive app without the headache of programming.

Preview Your App Instantly

As you customize every pixel within your application, our preview tool will allow you to view the changes in real time. No need to jump back and forth, clear you cache, etc. Just press play!

Publish Your App

IOS, Android & HTML5 ready

Easily publish your app on all three platforms: iOS, Android, and HTML5 (Mobile Websites). Our goal is to remove the hassle out of the process of launching a mobile app for your business.

Manage Your App

Real-time App Editing

Cluvis Apps allows you to manage your mobile application in real time. From functionality to design, we give you complete control over every aspect of your application. Sending push notifications, viewing detailed app analytics, and editing any content within your app is all done through our dynamic admin panel.

Actionable Analytics

Gain insight into how users are engaging with your app. Track and analyze app usage to see what features are working best with your user base and what needs to be tweaked.

Push Notifications

Send direct messages to your users to keep them posted on events, specials and in-app deals. Use our geo-location feature to target customers in specific locations.

Interested in creating an app? Get started today!

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